The following documentation provides guidance on how to interact with the Gophr V2 Commercial API.

Gophr's V2 Commercial API is based around REST and defines three resources:

  • JobsJobs - A job resource represents a collection of deliveries as well as the metadata associated with them. A Job will have a pickup and many dropoffs.
  • DeliveriesDeliveries - A delivery represents a specific pickup / dropoff combination. A delivery can have many parcels and belongs to a job.
  • ParcelsParcels - A parcel resource represents the data associated with a physical parcel. A parcel belongs to a delivery. A delivery can have many parcels.

The API supports single pickup, multi drop deliveries. Once you've requested an API Key you can start using it. To try it, check out our pre-configured Postman Collection or send requests directly from our API Specification

API Conventions

The following is a list of conventions followed by our API:

  • It makes use of standard HTTP methods like GET, POST, PATCH and DELETE.
  • Uses standard HTTP status codes to describe errors.
  • Authentication is done via API-Key.
  • All requests must be sent via SSL (https://).
  • POST / PATCH data must be encoded as application/json.
  • Responses are encoded as application/json.

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