Whithin the API, a Delivery represent a pickup - dropoff combination along with any parcels that are associated with them.

A delivery holds the following data:

  • Pickup address
  • Delivery address
  • Pickup contact details
  • Delivery contact details
  • Parcel details
  • The sequence that the dropoff should occur in

It's important to note that the parcel definition is always sent with the pickup when creating jobs and deliveries

A delivery object will have the following structure:

    "delivery_id": "20220614-114549-30964a91eb0d142e",
    "status": "NEW",
    "leg_type": "SAME_DAY",
    "private_job_url": "",
    "public_tracker_url": "",
    "pickup": {...},
    "dropoff": {...},
    "parcels": [...]