Zapiet Store Pickup + Delivery


Gophr provides a seamless integration with the Zapiet's Store Pickup + Delivery app.

Using Zapiet, customers are able to retrieve quotes at checkout, create delivery jobs, receive status updates and cancel jobs, all from within their Shopify store.

Installing the Zapiet Store Pickup + Delivery App

If you are already using the Zapiet Store Pickup + Delivery app then you can skip this section

The first step is to ensure you have the Store Pickup + Delivery app installed in your Shopify store. The app can be installed from Shopify App Store.


Installing the Store Pickup + Delivery app.

To access the Store Pickup + Delivery app click on the Apps icon in the left menu. You will then see a list of the apps installed on you Shopify store. Click the Store Pickup + Delivery app.

Once you have clicked on the app you should see a section titled Setup guide on the right of the screen.

Each of the items link to a step that must be completed in order to use the Store Pickup + Delivery app to handle your shop deliveries.


Configuring the Store Pickup + Delivery app.

Creating a Gophr Account and Obtaining an API Key

  • Go to the Gophr Customer Portal and create an account if you don't already have one. If you haven't used Gophr before then you can find more information about us here.

  • Once an account has been created, click on the intercom messenger icon in the bottom right of the screen and send us a message stating that you wish to start using our Zapiet integration and would like to request an API key. One of our team will respond to help you get this setup.


Creating a Gophr account and requesting an API key.

Adding Gophr as a Last Mile Delivery Provider

Once you have your Gophr customer account and API key, you're ready to activate Gophr as a last mile provider from within the Store Pickup + Delivery app.

  • From within your Shopify store admin, access the Zapiet dashboard by clicking on Apps -> Store Pickup + Delivery.

  • From the Store Pickup + Delivery dashboard, select the Settings tab and then select the Last mile delivery option under the Advanced heading.

  • From the list of last mile delivery providers, find Gophr and and click the Activate Gophr button.

  • You will now be prompted to enter your API key. This is the key that was given to you by our customer service team. Once you have entered and confirmed this you will be presented with the Gophr integration settings page. Please ensure that you paste your API key AGAIN into the box provided.


Activating Gophr as a Last Mile provider.

Creating Packaging Rules

The next step is to add weight based rules for the packages you wish to send. By setting these rules, Gophr is able to automatically detect the vehicle type required to successfully deliver your package.

Gophr quotes will not appear to your customers at checkout if the package falls outside of these rules.


Creating weight based package rules.

Configuring the Gophr Integration

Gophr allows you to configure various other options from the settings page within the app. Available options include:

  • Enabling which shop locations Gophr rates will show for.

  • Enabling free delivery over a set order value.

Should you have more specific requirements (e.g. set pricing within a given radius of the shop, specific vehicles required etc) then please contact us via the intercom chat on our customer portal and we'll be happy to set this up for you.

Retrieving Quotes

Now that you have Gophr enabled as a last mile provider, quotes for qualifying jobs will automatically be shown to your customers at checkout as an available shipping method.


Obtaining a Gophr quote at checkout.

Once a quote is obtained, the customer is free to continue through the checkout process and the job will automatically be placed with Gophr upon successful payment.


Once a job has been booked, Zapiet places a link to the Gophr live tracking screen within the order view of the admin.


Job status updates for when the package has been picked up, delivered and cancelled will appear within the Timeline section of the order view.


Cancelling Jobs

Jobs may be cancelled by cancelling the order through the Shopify admin. Please note however, that cancellation is only possible BEFORE the job has been allocated to a delivery driver. You can check if the job has been allocated through our customer portal. If you need to cancel a job after it has been allocated then please contact our customer support team via the intercom icon from within our customer portal.