When creating a Job>> or Delivery>>, we require that you send accurate pickup and drop-off addresses. It goes without saying that accurate addresses are pivotal to successful deliveries. With that in mind, below are some tips to help you get it right.


Both pickup and dropoff addresses follow the same schema detailed below, with only the field prefix changing, for example: pickup_address1, dropoff_address1.

Field NameDescription
address1Street name and number.
address2Flat number, floor, building name, unit, etc. (all address components other than street name and number)
country_codeSee ISO_3166-1


The following fields are used for geocoding, which involves converting the address into coordinates:

  • address1
  • city
  • postcode
  • country_code

The address2 field is only used as additional information for the courier.

To avoid geocoding errors please make sure that only street name and number is submitted in the address1 field.

If you are presenting these fields through a form intended for completion by end-users, we suggest labeling them as follows to prevent any confusion:

  • address1 field as: "Street name and number" (correct address details required for geocoding),
  • address2 field as: "Building name/floor/flat" (that suggests where this information should be entered and prevents them adding it in the 1st field).


can serve as an alternative geocoding method. If provided, it takes priority over the standard approach mentioned above.

Latitude and Longitude Fields

Additionally, you may provide latitude (lat) and longitude (lon) coordinates. If these coordinates are provided, we will use them and assume the customer has provided the correct coordinates. The address fields will still be required as a reference for the couriers, but we will not attempt to geocode them. It's crucial that the address provided and the coordinates match; otherwise, couriers may reject those jobs. If no coordinates are provided, we will use the address for geocoding as described above.

For pickups, please use the following field names:

pickup_location_lat Latitude of the pickup location.
pickup_location_lng Longitude of the pickup location.

For drop-offs, please use the following field names:

dropoff_location_lat Latitude of the drop-off location.
dropoff_location_lng Longitude of the drop-off location.

These fields provide precise location information, enhancing the accuracy of your deliveries.