The following documentation provides guidance on how to interact with the Gophr V2 Commercial API.

Gophr's V2 Commercial API is based around REST and defines three resources:

  • Jobs
  • Deliveries
  • Parcels

The API supports single pickup, multi drop deliveries. Once you've requested an API Key you can start using it. To try it, check out our pre-configured Postman Collection or send requests directly from our API Specification

API Conventions

The following is a list of conventions followed by our API:

  • It makes use of standard HTTP methods like GET, POST, PATCH and DELETE.
  • Uses standard HTTP status codes to describe errors.
  • Authentication is done via API-Key.
  • All requests must be sent via SSL (https://).
  • POST / PATCH data must be encoded as application/json.
  • Responses are encoded as application/json.