Cancelling a Job

Cancellation Codes

When cancelling a job you can optionally include a cencelation_code to tell us the reason for cancelling the job. Below is a list of available codes:

COURIER_LATEThe courier is running late
DUPLICATEDDouble booked by mistake
NOT_ACCEPTEDJob not accepted by courier
NRTNot received in trunking.
RESCHEDULEDRescheduled for later delivery
TECHNICAL_ISSUESTechnical issues with delivery
TEST_ORDERTest order
NO_NEEDNo need

Cancellation Fees

The following table outlines our standard cancellation fees. For more details on these, contact you account manager.

ConditionFeeAdditional Information
Job has not been accepted by Courier.£0.00Insurance fees will not be charged.
Job is cancelled 18 or more hours before the earliest pickup time.£0.00Insurance fees will not be charged.
Cancelled within 180 seconds of acceptance.£0.00Insurance fees will not be charged.
Cancelled more than 180 seconds after the job is cancelled but before collection.20% cancellation-fee cost or minimum vehicle fee - whichever is the greater.Insurance fees will not be charged. Please contact us for minimum vehicle fees.
Cancellation after collection.Please contact our ops team directly.-


Cancelling a job is only possible BEFORE the job has been allocated to a delivery driver. You can check if the job has been allocated through our customer portal. If you need to cancel a job after it has been allocated then please contact our customer support team via the intercom icon from within our customer portal.